Welcome to the Colchester Lyme Disease Support Group! We were founded on 7 May 2015 after 3 people in Colchester were diagnosed with Lyme Disease after years of illness and decided that a support group was needed.  We are currently a fledgling group with a goal to provide support to anyone in Colchester or the surrounding area who has been diagnosed with or suspects they may have Lyme Disease and co-infections, as well as their family and friends.  We have a Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer, and our Medical Adviser is Professor Basant Puri from Imperial College London.

The membership fee is currently £5 per year, and it is intended that there will be social meetings on a regular basis when the group is more established.  To apply for membership, please email us via our Contact page for the time being.  We will be creating an application form in due course.  Please note, we can only offer membership to those aged 18 or over, though we will of course aim to support a parent or guardian with a child under 18 with or suspected of having Lyme Disease.

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